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Adventure Time!


On Wednesday the 30th of May, Author George Ivanoff came to visit the 3/4’s. He taught us how he creates his detailed ‘choose your own adventure books’. We also learnt about his hobbies and where he gets his great ideas from.

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Our ANZAC Assembly


We held an assembly on the 27th of April to honour those who fought for us, and continue to protect us today.

We read the story ‘In Flanders Fields’ and chose to base out assembly around this story.

Have a look at some of our photos from this special assembly!


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Puffing Billy


On Friday the 16th we went as a whole school to Emerald Lake as part of our 80th anniversary celebrations. We caught a ride on Puffing Billy to get there. Have a look at this video that the 5/6s worked on.





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Swimming with 3/4 Medina


Welcome parents and students to our Blog for 2018.

As part of our inquiry unit on safety (and also as a general life skill) we have been learning to swim!

We learned in different groups such as Crocodile, Orca and Hammerhead.

Parents, please consider swimming lessons for your kids to keep these skills sharp!


It’s important to take turns and listen to instructions at the pool.

The deep end can be scary but we stayed focused and safe.

It can be very tricky to climb out of the water.

We spelled five letter words while racing the other class!

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