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Adventure Time!

Some Memories from Term 3


It’s been a busy term! Here’s a small snapshot of what we’ve been up to:


Investigating robotics with Thomas, Linh and Vincent

We followed the instructions from our Chromebooks to make Milo, the Science Rover

Everyone had a role to play and we took turns building and finding parts.

We used model magic to create items that our buddies would like to purchase for Earn and Learn.

We had to create a business that was sustainable and provided a good or service.

Our buddies enjoyed our items and were especially attracted to colourful items!



Last week 5/6 MH, 5/6 LF, 5/6 M and 5/6 C went to Phillip Island. We had many fun things to do including going to the Penguin Parade, Churchill Island, The Wildlife Park and The Koala Conservation Park and more. We also did our dance which was amazing and we also watched a Movie (Trolls) which was awesome too. Almost Everyone who went to Phillip Island got to do 3 activities some people only got to do 2 unfortunately. The activities included Trampoline, Archery, Flying Fox, Giant Swing, Wall Climbing, Low Ropes and Free Time. Take a look at some of them did!

From: Jason L





Our Excursion to Healsville Sanctuary


On the first of May our class went to the Healsville Sanctuary for our introduction to learn about living things, Here are some photos that we took on the way.



On the 1st of May, the 5/6 students went to Healsville as part of their Inquiry topic ‘Our Changing Earth’.

At Healsville the students saw some of Australia’s Native Animals and some endangered animals. As they were looking at the animals, they also had to keep in mind what they would do to help those animals. Some of the places that the student went to was the Reptile House, Land of the Parrots, Animals of the Night and Dingoes. Some of the Shows that some of the students visited was the Platypus Show and The Spirits of the Sky.

The 5/6’s enjoyed it and learned more about animals and their habitat.

Here are some photo’s of  our excursion at Healsville:

Shrove Tuesday with 5/6MH and 1/2N


This Tuesday we made pancakes with 1/2N. While we were waiting for the pancakes to be made we did some activities such as word finds and anagrams. After the pancakes were made we got two choices either jam or golden syrup. The pancakes were really good. We had a great time.

From: Julie



Welcome Students To 5/6MH’s Class!


Welcome everyone to our class blog! We hope that everyone has enjoyed the holidays and had fun. So far in class we have been learning about the daily 5. The daily 5 has 5 different activities. We have only learnt 2 out of the 5 activities which are Read To Self and Writing. The video below shows us Reading to Self and Writing about the story we made about Germs, Kick and another random noun. It sounds weird because we use the story dice to decide what to write about!

Made By Vincent.L & Jason


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